Often described as half an inch bluish silver insects, they are hard exoskeletons that look like a fish and also have a movement that is similar, only that move on the ground and not in water. These have two antennas and three tails. If you have an infestation at home and are looking for tips on How to prevent silverfish bite or how to eradicate them, you are at the right place. You can get some more additional information from https://pestradar.com/getting-rid-of-silverfish/.

Removing silverfish from your house may look like a simple fix, but it is tedious. Firstly, finding them is in itself a difficult task, only then comes the killing. These usually hide in dark places making it difficult to identify them. Often the identification is made only after the infestation has become unbearable. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to find a suitable remedy for these. Here are some simple and easy to use home remedies to get rid of silverfish.

· Citrus sprays are a good bet as silverfish are repelled by the smell of it. You can apply a generous amount of citrus sprays in areas where there is an infestation. You can make these at home by mixing the juice of citrus fruits along with water and spraying them along the corners of the walls where the silverfish are most likely to be moving around the house.
· The strong smell of bay leaves, cloves and sage can also repel silverfish. Place these spices in sachets with small holes made in it so that the smell is evident. Whole spices are more efficient than crushed ones so just pack them together in a paper pouch and adding some vents on it would do the trick for you.
· Diatomaceous earth that is of food grade is capable as well. A white colored powder is quite durable as it can dehydrate pests and make them die. Sprinkle this on places where the silverfish have to cross; they are sure to take the bait and die. Just make sure that it is dry cause the drier ones are only efficient.
· The mothballs have a strong smell that can repel silverfish.
· Lavender oil, though has a pleasant scent that is loved by humans, irritates the senses for silverfish that they stay away from it. Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil with a small bottle of water and spray it in places where the silverfish are likely to come.
· Cucumber also serves the purpose. As silverfish resent the smell of cucumber, it is an excellent option to make it stay away. Cut cucumber into thick slices and place them near the place where the silverfish are hiding.
· Cedar shavings or pieces should help in getting rid of silverfish. Just place the pieces near the area where silverfish are visible in the house, they will move away from it.

Chemical remedies, though effective could cause some impact on the health of people living in the house. So use all these home remedies and make silverfish stay away from your home.

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