Allowing kids to play outside is not only fun but also offers many health and other social benefits. As per the experts from Sports and Safety Surfaces, kids who have the habit of playing outside with others develop many skills and also enjoy a better well being than the other kids who never come out for playing games. As indicated in the website playing games outside improves kid’s mental as well as physical health.

According to findings done by Ophthalmology experts in an American Academy, the risk of developing ‘myopia’ is far less among the kids who are allowed to play outdoor games either in yards or in playgrounds. The risk element reduces in accordance with the number of hours these kids play over a period of a week. An extra two hours reduce the percentage to two percent which is known to be very significant. The study further states that this simple activity reduces the progression and development of nearsightedness in kids.
Many studies have confirmed that time spent surrounded by nature has a positive impact on a kid’s immune system. This can be a result of breathing in natural phytoncides that are in the open air which helps to increase the activity of natural killer cells. Modern day’s kids are highly confident when communicating with others over the internet or via text messages, but they can be less confident socializing face-to-face and when outside having adventure experiences. Getting them to spend time with one another – and making friends with other kids at an outdoor place seems to be a great way to help develop their social skills and make them feel more comfortable in new situations.
According to the medical findings, the symptom of ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is less observed with kids who are exposed to the outside world. Undoubtedly, all types of outdoor activities will make the kids attentive all the time and hence reduce the risk of ADHD. Spending time outside is hugely relaxing for kids. They have the freedom to explore and enjoy a different environment to what they’re used to. If they’re having any problems with stress or have been feeling generally on the edge,these children will find a day spent playing on a tree top adventure course or walking and discovering new places outside in the fresh air will act as a kind of remedy.
Another medical finding has proved that kids get extra Vitamin D by spending their time outside. Since sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, these kids get additional amount besides getting Vitamin from their foods and other supplements. The health benefits of Vitamin D include strengthening their bones, preventing the development of diabetes and even helping to combat heart disease. Apart from the above-referred benefits, kids would be able to enjoy Nature, which is lacking in this advanced and tech-oriented world wherein innumerable kids are allowed to play video games which bring a negative effect on their good selves. More importantly, kids who are exposed to the outside world learn better life-skills as they connect well with others.

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